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Dayo Samuel

Product & Experimentation


Personal Details
A few interesting things about me

I have a few noteworthy traits, one of which is my fondness for getting things right on my first attempt😁😂😎. My true passion, however, lies in building, teaching and continuously learning. As a dedicated educator, I take pride in guiding tech enthusiasts on how to harness the power of the internet for their education. I have been fortunate enough to mentor over 30 individuals who have developed into skilled tech in areas such as UX design, software engineering, and data science. Furthermore, I am a lifelong learner who strives to expand my knowledge daily, exploring subjects like machine learning, user experience, product development, and even fascinating facts about the universe

In my professional life, I have had the opportunity to work with top leading digital companies, utilizing various tools as an experimentation user experience  and cro analyst. Currently, I am pursuing my masters in Data Science at the University of Salford. Recently, I completed a series of research work in the areas of machine learning, data mining, and natural language processing, with a focus on utilizing data mining to identify patterns and using different algorithms to create solutions for a more intelligent customer experience.

Areas of Interest

I am truly passionate about taking on projects that allow me to leverage my diverse skill set in product management, UX design, data science,  experimentation, and CRO. I thrive when working on projects that require a multidisciplinary approach and a blend of analytical thinking and creative problem-solving.


Product Innovation

I love being involved in the end-to-end process of developing innovative products that meet user needs and drive business growth. From ideation and market research to prototyping and user testing, I find joy in crafting exceptional user experiences.

Data-Driven Insights

I am fascinated by the power of data and enjoy uncovering valuable insights that inform decision-making. Whether it's conducting thorough analysis, developing predictive models, or extracting meaningful patterns, I thrive in transforming data into actionable recommendations.

Experimentation and Optimization

I have a keen interest in designing and executing experiments to optimize digital experiences and drive conversions. A/B testing, user journey analysis, and conversion rate optimization are some of the areas where I excel.

Research and Development

Driven by curiosity, I explore emerging trends, conduct research, and experiment with methodologies, contributing to advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, and user behavior analysis.

Expertise rated on a scale of 1 - 10

My Latest Research Based Projects


Strategic Thinking


Data Analysis


User-Centric Mindset


Communication and Collaboration


Problem-Solving and Adaptability

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